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I-90, Lewis & West Village Park and Schneider Creeks - Fish Passage Project

Contract summary

The project will replace three fish barriers and replace them with fish-passable crossings at I-90 Lewis Creek, I-90 West Village Park Creek, and I-90 Schneider Creek. The work includes but is not limited to the following. Design and construction of fish passable water crossing and structures, including all associated stream restoration. Acquisition of environmental permits. Temporary and permanent utility adjustment and relocation. Other elements including, but not limited to embankment, grading, noise walls, retaining walls, paving, storm drainage, maintenance of traffic, ITS, signing, illumination, erosion control, and planting.

Public Works
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King County
Submittal due date and time
Estimated value
$230,000,000 - $280,000,000
Funding source
A state and federal funded project with a 21% federal small business enterprise goal for the design portion and a 21% federal small business goal for the construction portion.
Conrad Guadagni
Project Engineer
Nick Jarrell
Project Manager