SR 167 - Corridor Improvements Project

Project news

This project is currently in the preliminary engineering and environmental stage.

Needs & benefits

The SR 167 Corridor Improvements Project is comprised of the SR 167 Toll Equipment Upgrade Project and the SR 167, SR 516 to South 277th Street Southbound Auxiliary Lane Project.

As part of the SR 167 Toll Equipment Upgrade Project, WSDOT plans to update the SR 167 toll system to create consistency along the I-405/SR 167 corridor. This project would upgrade the SR 167 toll equipment to be the same as the I-405 toll equipment, resulting in a continuous 50-mile I-405/SR 167 express toll lane system and a consistent customer experience in the express toll lanes.

WSDOT also plans to construct an auxiliary lane on southbound SR 167 between SR 516 and South 277th Street in Kent.

Why is WSDOT upgrading the SR 167 toll system?

WSDOT is upgrading the SR 167 toll system because the current toll equipment is reaching the end of its operating life. With an upgraded toll system, SR 167 users will experience several benefits, including new payment options, new toll rate signs for destination-based toll pricing, and double white buffer lines between the general purpose and express toll lanes in select areas.

The project will improve operations on SR 167 by updating the functionality to create a consistent toll system on the entire I-405/SR 167 corridor. With the addition of photo tolling, more drivers will have the option to choose express toll lanes on SR 167, including those without accounts. Motorists will be able to transition seamlessly from the I-405 to the SR 167 express toll lanes, a significant milestone in providing continuity and reliable travel options along the corridor.

WSDOT will re-stripe the SR 167 lanes to improve reliability for SR 167 drivers, meaning motorists will only be able to enter the toll lanes in certain areas, which keeps traffic moving. WSDOT will install signage to notify drivers of upcoming exits to ensure that drivers have enough space to exit the roadway.

Why is WSDOT constructing an auxiliary lane in Kent? 

The project will create a new auxiliary lane in the southbound direction between the SR 516 and South 277th Street interchanges, addressing operational challenges on SR 167 between these interchanges. Currently, heavy on ramp and off ramp volumes at these interchanges create a bottleneck on SR 167. The auxiliary lane will reduce congestion by helping smooth out heavy merging and diverging vehicles between these interchanges, and improving area traffic operations and safety performance.

There will be minimal construction impacts to the traveling public as this project utilizes shoulder pavement with minor widening within existing right of way.

The end result

Once the project is complete, drivers will experience transformed and modernized SR 167 express toll lanes that will tie into the I-405 express toll lane system from Renton to Bellevue, currently under construction, and the express toll lanes to Lynnwood which opened to the public in 2015. The long-term vision includes a 50-mile express toll lane system between SR 512 in Puyallup and the I-405/I-5 interchange in Lynnwood.


WSDOT is advancing preliminary engineering and environmental work to be construction ready.


These projects are funded for preliminary engineering and environmental analysis, with construction funded and timed for a 2029 completion.

The construction funding for this project is intended to come from bonded toll revenue. The projects may be constructed together or separately, depending on available toll revenue.


I-405/SR 167 Corridor Communications

Map showing the SR 167 Southbound Auxiliary Lane Project in purple and the SR 167 Toll Equipment Upgrade Project in orange.