Planning study guidance

Find the guidance and tools to conduct and document a planning study.

Explore active transportation-related considerations to develop a quality planning study.

Use the guidance on this page to document environmental information, analysis and products during transportation planning for highway corridor and modal facility plans.

Avoid maintenance issues down the road by including this guidance in your planning process.

Consider priority design issues in the planning phase to reduce or redirect efforts during scoping and design.

Use this guidance to clarify your planning study recommendations in a way that WSDOT can support from a priority and programming perspective.

Use this guidance to include public transportation considerations in the process of developing planning studies.

Traction tires are a special type of tire

manufactured with at least 1/8 of an inch tread. Traction tires are usually marked with a mountain/snowflake symbol, the letters M+S or “All Season.”

Carry chains, practice before leaving

Requiring chains keeps traffic moving during storms rather than closing a pass or roadway.

Prep your car. Fill up your gas tank,

pack jumper cables, ice scraper, warm clothing, snacks and water.