Software & resource updates

Get software and resource updates for MicroStation and InRoads.

Review installation instructions (PDF 155KB) for both MicroStation and InRoads. The WSDOT resources are designed to install in their own folders separate and distinct from the program software or any other resource set.

External WSDOT customers using MicroStation and InRoads with MicroSoft Windows operating systems can follow the Full install download (ZIP 44.8MB).

Get notified of updates

Send us a request to notify you of updates.

Resource history

Refer to the resource release notes (PDF 55KB) to track changes to the WSDOT resources.

Software usage

Consultant use of WSDOT's Bentley Software
Along with our Consultant Training document, this section clarifies consultant use of our software licenses for Bentley Systems MicroStation and InRoads to deliver WSDOT projects. Bentley Systems reviewed and concurs that this information does not violate the Bentley Select license agreement with us.

We distinguish between "on-site" and "off-site" consultants to determine what we can and cannot do with our Bentley software licenses and training, using these definitions:

  • On-site consultants: Consultants co-located with WSDOT staff in WSDOT facilities using WSDOT computers and logon ids.
  • Off-site consultants: Consultants working from their own facilities using their own computers.

Consultant license use and training attendance

  • On-site consultants: Considered the same as WSDOT employees and have full rights to use our Bentley software licenses when using the software from a WSDOT owned computer.
  • Off-site consultants: Cannot use our Bentley software licenses under any circumstances.

We developed CAE custom resources for the MicroSoft Windows operating system and WSDOT level playing field applications. We do not guarantee these resources will work well in other computing environments.

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