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Tacoma to Puyallup Regional Trail

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Work is underway to advance preliminary engineering, environmental analysis and cost estimation to complete the new Tacoma to Puyallup Regional Trail in Pierce County. In July 2022, the trail advisory groups, with input from the public, selected a preferred route to connect Fife to downtown Tacoma, finalizing the full trail route.

In progress
$2.3 million for a preliminary engineering and environmental study


The Tacoma to Puyallup Regional Trail will connect downtown Puyallup to Fife and downtown Tacoma, providing people who live and work in the area with a new option to travel without a motorized vehicle to a variety of destinations. Through this study, WSDOT will complete preliminary trail design, establish trail character, prepare construction cost estimations and begin the environmental review.

WSDOT's SR 167 Completion Project is leading the study in coordination with the Puyallup Tribe of Indians, Pierce County, the Port of Tacoma, the cities of Tacoma, Fife and Puyallup, and other local cities and agencies.

The trail will route along WSDOT’s future SR 167 alignment from Puyallup to SR 509 in Fife. From there the trail will route along the west side of Alexander Avenue East and continue along the south side of Pacific Highway East where it enters downtown Tacoma. At this point, the trail will be included within the city’s Puyallup Avenue Complete Streets project until it reaches the Thea Foss Esplanade.