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I-5 - NB Seneca to SR 520 - Mobility Improvements

Project overview

To improve mobility on I-5 through Seattle, we will move barrier on a 1,500-foot section to create three through lanes near Seneca Street, add ramp meters for the Dearborn/I-90 and Cherry Street on-ramps and extend the Active Traffic and Demand Management system north to SR 520.

Spring 2021 - Fall 2022
Project status
$27.5 million

What to expect

Plan for overnight closures that will affect access to and from downtown Seattle. from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Monday night, May 9, to Friday morning, May 13, the following ramps may be closed:

  • The Dearborn Street on-ramp to the collector/distributor.
  • The James Street off-ramp.
  • The Olive Way off-ramp.
  • People going into downtown Seattle will need to use the off-ramps to either Dearborn Street or Madison Street.
  • People getting onto northbound I-5 will need to use the Cherry Street on-ramp or Fourth Avenue and the northbound I-5 on-ramp from eastbound I-90.

Similar closures may take place Monday night, May 16, to Thursday morning, May 19.

Later in the project, there will be 10-12 nights with full northbound closures Yesler to SR 520. There will also be northbound mainline nighttime closures with all traffic onto collector/distributor. Northbound traffic will shift onto express lanes when possible and there will be nighttime on-ramp and surface street closures.

Work between Yesler Way and SR 520 will add a short section of a third lane between Seneca Street and the Washington State Convention Center, ramp meters at the Dearborn/I-90 and Cherry Street on-ramps and extend the Active Traffic and Demand Management system.