Contract services

Learn how to apply for architectural and engineering contracts for design and construction projects as well as acquisitions and contracts for Information Technology (IT) goods and/or services and professional services.

We also manage a portion of personal services contracts for transportation studies, media and public involvement.

WSDOT is required (by 49 Code of Federal Regulation Part 26.11) to maintain information on the firms that bid on WSDOT projects or projects administered by other local agencies with pass-through federal funding.

COVID-19 guidance for industry partners

Amendment to Proclamation 21-14-5 – COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement (PDF 272KB)
Proclamation 21-14 – COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement (PDF 47KB)

COVID-19 Vaccine Declaration (PDF 29KB)
Vaccination Mandate Chart - September 30, 2021 (PDF 130 KB)

CSO-ACO Proclamation Resources (PDF 43KB)
Vaccine Mandate FAQ – See “Contract Management Materials” section at the bottom of the document.


Find contracting opportunities that include engineering contracts for design and construction projects, service contracts for transportation studies and media. Review open, closed, awarded and pending advertisements.

WSDOT solicits interest from consultants who wish to be prequalified to provide professional services for WSDOT. Firms that complete the prequalification process will be eligible to compete for select WSDOT projects.  Find information on Consultant Pre-qualification.

Administrative and Information Technology Contracts

Sole Source contracts

RCW 39.26.140 (1) requires that agencies make sole source contracts available for public inspection for a period of not less than ten working days before the proposed starting date of the contract.

Emergency declaration documents

RCW 39.26.130 (2) requires that emergency contracts be made available for public inspection within three working days following the commencement of work or execution of the contract, whichever comes first.

Current acquisitions

Find current acquisitions that are available.

Contact Administrative Contracts if you have any questions or concerns regarding these type of contracts.

Notice to consultants

Although the payment provisions refer to WSDOTs Travel Policy and Procedure Manual, M3132, please refer to the OFM travel page to determine the allowable lodging and meal rates. 

Effective immediately - ASRB approval is no longer required for hiring, major equipment purchases or contracts.

Where WSDOT advertises

WSDOT advertisements, contracts and acquisitions that require formal competition are advertised through Washington State's common vendor registration and notification system called the Washington Electronic and Business Solution (WEBS). Vendors can register for free in WEBS.

Advertisements are commonly found in the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce and periodically placed in regional publications such as A/E Consultant Information Network, Integrated Marketing Systems, The Spokesman Review, The Yakima Herald Republic, The Tri-City Herald, and The Wenatchee World.

DBE, SBE and M/WBE & Veteran Owned business information

Minority and women-owned businesses

Minority and women-owned businesses are encouraged to compete for business with the state of Washington. The Office of Minority and Women's Business Enterprise (OMWBE) is responsible for developing programs to improve the contributions of minority and women-owned businesses. For more information about OMWBE, including how to become a certified business, see the OMWBE website at

Veteran-owned businesses

State law encourages agencies to award three percent of all procurement contracts that are exempt from competitive bidding requirements to certified veteran-owned businesses. For more information about becoming a certified veteran-owned business, visit the Veteran Business Registry.

UDBE Minority contracting news (PDF 60KB) - September 2020

UDBE/SBE/MSVWBE Participation Reporting - (B2GNOW reporting system. Note: Use this first. If you can not locate your agreement number in the B2GNOW system, please use the form provided below)

UDBE/SBE/MSVWBE Participation Reporting - (complete this form if your agreement number can not be found in the B2GNOW system)


Underutilized Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (UDBE) Written Confirmation - Form 226-016 (PDF 68KB) 

Written certification of total amounts paid for consultant agreements as DBE participation - Form 271-057 (PDF 76KB)

Project Office DBE On-Site Review for Architect & Engineering/Professional Services Firms - Form 271-051 (DOCX 90KB) 

Agreements & general information

Refer to the Consultant Services Manual for guidance concerning the authorization, selection, and use of consultants for Personal Services and Architectural and Engineering (A&E) contracts and/or supplements.

The process of second tier competition is being used when selecting firms to perform work from Consultant Services on-call roster.

Find available on-call agreements available at this time and the rates acceptance and sub approval process.

See the procedures and assessments required to maintain a process that is federally compliant even if only state funding is available, and to ensure that all consultants and the public see a process as open, fair, competitive (as much as possible) and transparent maintain.

If you plan on contracting with WSDOT, see the business requirements (PDF 16KB).

The Organizational Conflicts of Interest Manual is guidance on managing and reducing organization conflicts of interest.

Things to consider when co-locating WSDOT and a consultant firm.

Interlocal agreements

RCW 39.34, the Interlocal Cooperation Act, provides the authority for Washington state agencies to contract with other governmental entities. This law includes a requirement for either filing Interlocal agreements with county recording offices or publishing a list of all such contracts. See the list of Interlocal, Intergovernmental and Interagency Agreements (PDF 71KB)

Request a copy of a contract

To request records and copies of contracts, fill out a Public Disclosure Form (DOCX 25KB). Please submit a detailed description of the requested records including as much information as possible.

Submit your request to:

Records & Information Services
PO Box 47410
Olympia, WA 98504-7410

Phone: 360-705-7734
Fax: 360-705-6808

See our approved consultant list for right-of-way services and learn how to submit an application.

Select a consultant from a list of available on-call agreements and find the rate submittal for review and approval process.

This information is intended to be used by WSDOT and consultant firms considering a co-location arrangement. The information provided was developed by a joint WSDOT and ACEC (American Council of Engineer Companies) committee.

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) solicits interest from consultants who wish to be prequalified to provide professional services for WSDOT. Firms that complete the prequalification process will be eligible to compete for select WSDOT projects.

Find consultant services contact information.

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