Consultant prequalification

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) solicits interest from consultants who wish to be prequalified to provide professional services for WSDOT. Firms that complete the prequalification process will be eligible to compete for select WSDOT projects.


WSDOT Consultant Services Office (CSO) is now accepting consultant prequalification applications.

Consultant process

View the prequalification consultant process flow chart (PDF 181KB) to better understand each phase of the prequalification process.

WSDOT prequalification program questions and answers (PDF 77KB) will help firms and consultants with the prequalification process.

WSDOT internal process

See the prequalification internal process - flow chart (PDF 154KB) from the Request, Selection and Agreement Negotiation.

Available prequalification categories

See category descriptions (PDF 27KB) that are available to obtain professional engineering and other services for select transportation projects or services throughout the State.

2022 prequalification categories and rosters (PDF 27KB) are opportunities available currently.


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Prequalification forms

Upon acceptance of the prequalification application, consultants must submit financial information (see award letter for details).

Financial Documentation Forms/Templates:

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