Escalation Clauses

Check here for information on escalation clauses that address cost adjustments for fluctuations in the cost of raw material or labor.

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Steel Cost Adjustment

Steel Cost Adjustment Directions and GSP. (PDF 457KB)
Search for GSP 1-09.3.OPT2.FR1.

Fuel Cost Adjustment

Fuel Cost Adjustment Instructions & GSP. (PDF 457KB)
Search for GSP 1-09.3.OPT1.FR1.

Asphalt Cost Adjustment

Cost Adjustment Spreadsheet

Payment Calculator Spreadsheets (XLS 73KB) for Asphalt, Fuel, or Steel Cost Price Adjustments.
Calculates either a payment or credit amount to be paid with the monthly progress estimate

Find guidance and other estimating calculation sheets that will aid in your projects.

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Improved access to 98.2 miles of upstream fish habitat

through 15 fish passage projects in 2021.

28% increase in the value of exports and imports 

from $90.2 billion in 2020 to $115.5 billion in 2021.