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SR 12, White Pass Vicinity - Major Drainage Phase 3B

Contract summary

Removing the existing 36” corrugated metal culvert and replacing with an eighteen-foot clear span eight-foot rise precast concrete four-sided box culvert with wing and end walls, regrading of Andy Creek and placement of streambed materials, raising the roadway profile and widening of the roadway shoulders, replacing a 30” corrugated metal culvert, placing crushed surfacing and hot mix asphalt, regrading of roadside ditches, utilities coordination, delineation; guardrail, traffic detour maintenance; roadside planting and erosion control, traffic control and other work. Involves 11 items and 45 working days.

Public Works
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Yakima County
Submittal due date and time
Estimated value
$1,250,000 - $1,500,000
Funding source
A state funded project. Contains a 5% condition of award Small Business Enterprise goal and a 2% condition of award Veteran Owned Business goal.
Jerry Wood
Project Engineer