Traffic count data

Get access to data and statistics collected through our vehicular traffic data monitoring program.


We publish data collected through our vehicular traffic data monitoring program, in which we collect and maintain data on the state route system from a network of permanent and short-duration traffic counters. Data includes hourly or sub-hourly vehicle volume, classification, speed and weight data, which is used to produce annualized statistics and reports.

Data reporting applications

Summary statistics for our network of permanent and short-duration count locations are available through our Traffic Data Reporting System. This application also includes more granular (daily, hourly, 15-minute) count volumes collected at each location, where available. For assistance with this application, including accessing and extracting data, please see our Help and User’s Guide (PDF 2.0MB).

Historical files and data

Historical published traffic data is available through our Geospatial Open Data Portal.

Access historical reported data in a tabular format using our Historical AADT and Truck percentage dataset (XLSX 10MB).

Short-duration count files for 2021 and prior years can be accessed using our Electronic Content Management system through the SecureAccess Washington portal. To set up access, contact our count processing team:

Annual Traffic Report

The Annual Traffic Report summarizes traffic data maintained by the Washington State Department of Transportation for the state highway system.

As of 2018, the Annual Traffic Report is no longer published. Point-specific traffic volume data is now available through the data reporting applications and datasets listed above. Vehicle Miles of Travel data is available on our Annual mileage and travel information page. Recent publications of the Annual Traffic Report are available electronically through the Washington State Library website. Other reports are available in hard copy through the library. Please contact the State Library to access these reports. 

Traffic data requests

To make a special request for traffic data, please fill out our Request for Traffic Data (PDF 741KB) form. A directory of permanent traffic recorders (PTR) is included in the form for reference.

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