Travel data

Learn about our traffic data collection program and the data and services we provide such as annual mileage and travel information, peak hour vehicle traffic report, traffic count services, traffic data request and summary statistics, and vehicle speed reports.

Statewide mileage and travel information based on public roadway data provided annually to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

Yearly reports of traffic volume data on major roadways and ramps in the Puget Sound area.

Get access to data and statistics collected through our vehicular traffic data monitoring program.

Learn about our bike and pedestrian count programs made possible by permanent counters and short duration counts. Access count data through our portal.

Get a list of the highest vehicle traffic volume for the top 200 hours for the year. This report helps project designers, planners and traffic engineers estimate the volume of traffic used in the design process.

We provide traffic data and retrieval services for the purpose of collecting traffic volume, traffic speed and other traffic data elements.

Find vehicle speed data from our network of traffic recorders permanently installed in Washington state highways. This data may be used to evaluate vehicle speed trends to assist in highway design and safety improvements.

8,683 animals crossed the Snoqualmie Pass East Project area

as recorded by WSDOT and partners in 2020 and 2021.

46% increase in Amtrak Cascades ridership to 251,000 passengers

in 2021 compared to 172,000 in 2020.

Nine wetland and stream mitigation sites across 32.7 acres added

to our monitoring program in 2021 to help offset climate change impacts.