Safe Routes to School Program for local agencies

We want to help local agencies around the state increase the number of children walking and biking to school safely.  

The WSDOT Safe Routes to School program provides technical assistance and funding to public agencies to improve conditions for and encourage children to walk and bike to school.  

Children crossing a road in a cross-walk

Since its inception in 2005, the program  has awarded funds for projects targeting 291 schools across the state.  To achieve these improvements, approximately $71 million has been awarded to 182 projects from over $242 million in requests.  The post project numbers of children biking and walking at the project locations have increased by approximately 20 percent.

Services for developing Safe Routes

Technical assistance for project planning and development is available to public agencies including cities, counties, tribes, schools and school districts.  For more information contact the WSDOT Safe Routes to School Coordinator, Charlotte Claybrooke, 360-705-7302. 

    Funding for Safe Routes Projects

    Funding for the Safe Routes to School Program is administered through a competitive application process. Criteria used to prioritize applications for funding includes consideration for need, project potential, deliverability and value.

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