Pets in carriers are allowed in interior passenger areas aboard Washington State Ferries. Uncaged pets are not allowed to remain in interior passenger areas for the duration of a voyage. In some cases, described below, leashed pets may transit through interior areas in order to access exterior passenger areas.

We recognize that it is impractical to require walk-on passengers and their leashed pets to remain on the auto deck for the duration of a voyage. In order to provide shelter to these patrons, walk-on passengers with leashed pets are allowed to board vessels and remain in exterior passenger areas, including shelter decks, promenade decks and/or sun decks.

Passengers with pets are allowed to board from inside the passenger terminal areas where overhead loading is in place:

  • Bainbridge Island
  • Bremerton
  • Edmonds
  • Kingston
  • Seattle

At all other terminals, passengers board on the car deck and may gain access to exterior passenger spaces of the vessel via the interior cabin. We ask that customers do not linger in the interior spaces and use the most direct route when moving to or from the exterior areas. Walk-on passengers with pets who choose to remain on the auto deck must stay with the animal for the duration of the sailing and ensure it is properly restrained. Pets in vehicles may remain in the vehicle for the duration of the crossing, or may be taken to an exterior passenger area.

Service animals

Service animals are allowed to accompany people with disabilities in all areas of our terminals and vessels accessible to the general public.

You as a passenger may be asked:

  • If the animal is a service animal
  • If the service animal is required because of a disability
  • What task the animal is trained to perform

The handler must keep the animal under control and the animal must be housebroken.

If you have any questions about service animals please contact the WSF ADA Accessibility Coordinator at 206-515-3437 or


All livestock are required to travel in a vehicle when boarding the vessel.

For more information contact us at 206-464-6400 or online.

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