Special occasions

Find out how you can plan your event on our scenic waterways. We allow memorial services, weddings, birthdays and other celebrations aboard some ferries.

We allow memorial services, weddings, birthdays and other celebrations aboard some ferries.

Memorial services

Please be advised that we have temporarily suspended all memorial services until further notice due to COVID-19. We apologize for the inconvenience and will resume these programs as soon as we are safely able to.

When memorials services are able to resume, the following information applies:

Only one memorial per day/per route will be scheduled, so scheduling up to a month in advance is suggested during spring and summer seasons. Memorials will only be permitted during non-peak travel times (Monday to Friday between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. and Saturday/Sunday prior to 10 a.m.) and only on the routes listed below:

  • Anacortes/Friday Harbor
  • Anacortes/Orcas Island
  • Edmonds/Kingston
  • Mukilteo/Clinton
  • Port Townsend/Coupeville
  • Seattle/Bainbridge Island
  • Seattle/Bremerton

Ashes must be contained in a certified biodegradable container that can be dropped intact from a ferry. Such containers are sometimes referred to as “journey urns” and are designed to dissolve quickly after contact with water. A floral tribute may also be released but must contain only biodegradable material (no plastic or wire attachments or ribbons, etc.). Memorials occur at the sole discretion of the vessel's captain and a scheduled memorial may not occur if a captain determines it is not safe due to weather or other unforeseen operational issues. A memorial may be moved to another operating vessel or may need to be rescheduled.

Once aboard, a member of the memorial group shall contact a vessel crew member and present a printed copy of their memorial confirmation email. The crew member will confirm with the captain that the activity is operationally permissible (no training drills, Coast Guard quarterly inspections, etc.) and weather is conducive. If the captain approves the memorial, the group is led to the vehicle deck on the stern (back) of the vessel. A crew member will accompany one memorial group member beyond the restricted area while the biodegradable container/floral tribute is dropped into the water. Memorials must take no longer than five minutes to minimize disruption to regular service and vessel operations. Sounding of the vessel's whistle is at the sole discretion of the captain.

If you need assistance completing the form, or have questions about the process, please call 206-515-3464.


Our captains are not allowed to legally perform weddings, however couples are allowed to get married by an officiant of their choice.

Ferries are open to the public at all times: We do not offer private changing rooms or separate event space on the ferry. For this reason, small wedding parties during non-commuter sailings are recommended.

Outside catering and alcohol policy: All alcohol must be purchased and consumed in the galley. Wedding parties may not bring outside caterers or alcoholic beverages on board.

Birthdays and celebrations

Passengers are welcome to bring cake and prepared food aboard, but outside catering is not permitted. Due to fire safety regulations, open flames, including birthday candles, also are not allowed.

Advance arrangements are required for memorial services only. Call 206-464-6400 (1-888-808-7977 toll-free, in state) for any other questions about your event.

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