Tribal and regional planning

WSDOT provides oversight and fiduciary responsibilities for 12 federally designated metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) and 16 state regional transportation planning organizations (RTPOs).

Metropolitan and regional transportation planning

Metropolitan planning organizations
Metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) carry out the metropolitan transportation planning programs in urbanized areas with a 50,000 or greater population. MPOs provide a forum for local decision making on transportation issues within the metropolitan planning area (MPA) boundary.

Regional transportation planning organizations
Regional transportation planning organizations (RTPOs) form through the voluntary association of local governments within a county or geographically contiguous counties to conduct regional transportation planning and programs. RTPO members include cities, counties, WSDOT, tribes, ports, transportation service providers, private employers, and others.

MPO/RTPO/WSDOT Directory (PDF 818KB)
The MPO/RTPO/WSDOT Directory provides contact information and website links for the MPOs and RTPOs in Washington state.

WSDOT/MPO/RTPO Selected Federal and State Planning Requirements (PDF 843KB)
WSDOT/MPO/RTPO reference materials contain federal and state statutes and regulations concerning the duties and requirements of MPOs and RTPOs. Each MPO and RTPO is required to develop a UPWP that describes the transportation planning tasks and activities proposed for the next state fiscal year(s).

WSDOT's Process for Consulting with Non-Metropolitan Local Officials, Tribes, and Federal Land Management Agencies (PDF 684KB)


Tribal coordination

WSDOT Tribal Liaison Office
WSDOT maintains government-to-government relations with 35 federally recognized tribal governments.

Tribal Transportation Planning Organization (TTPO)
WSDOT meets with tribes annually to address mutually identified transportation issues.

Tribal Consultation Best Practices Guide for Metropolitan and Regional Planning Organizations in Washington State (PDF 1.6MB)
The Washington Indian Transportation Policy Advisory Committee (WITPAC) developed this guide to provide best practices and technical assistance for tribes, MPOs, and RTPOs.

Northwest Tribal Technical Assistance Program (TTAP)
The Northwest Tribal Technical Assistance Program (TTAP) provides assistance to help Northwest Tribes develop transportation resources, infrastructure, and development opportunities.



Gabe Philips,Tribal and Regional Planning Manager

Megan Nicodemus, Tribal Liaison