Relocation, appraisal & acquisition

Find information on real estate transactions including auctions and guidelines for all state agencies engaged in real estate activities covered by the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act.

Consultant prequalification

WSDOT Headquarters Real Estate Services office administrates and maintains a list of qualified individuals for the purposes of contracting for personal services associated with right-of-way (ROW) services.

Effective January 1, 2020, we require individual consultants to be on the Approved Consultant List for WSDOT ROW Services prior to performing real estate services work for WSDOT contracts.

See our Consultant Prequalification Process and the Right of Way Manual for more information.


The Relocation Assistance Program is responsible for administering the Uniform Relocation Act and providing relocation assistance to persons displaced from residences, business, farms or non-profit organizations (NPO) by public works projects. Persons displaced from their homes are eligible to receive advisory services and certain monetary payments for moving and replacement housing costs. Displaced businesses, farms and NPO's are eligible for advisory services and monetary payments for moving costs and re-establishment costs.

Find more detail on these services and payments in the following brochures:

We made changes to our WSDOT relocation assistance forms in August 2018. These WORD forms are specific to WSDOT and should not be used by local public agencies.

Local public agencies should instead visit the right-of-way forms & brochures site.

Please contact Danny Johnson, State Relocation Reviewer, at 360-705-7317 if you have any questions regarding the WSDOT Relocation Assistance forms.

Relocation forms

Relocation Forms List (DOCX 15KB)
RES-501 - General Notice - Non-Residential (DOCX 25KB)
RES-502 - General Notice - Landlord (DOCX 23KB)
RES-503 - General Notice - Personal Property (DOCX 21KB)
RES-504 - General Notice - Residential (DOCX 22 KB)
RES-505 - Notice of Eligibility - Non-Residential (DOCX 33KB)
RES-506 - Non-Residential (Fixed Payment) (DOCX 22KB)
RES-507 - Notice of Eligibility - Residential Owner (DOCX 24KB)
RES-507a - Notice of Revised Price Differential- Residential Owner (DOCX 24KB)
RES-507b - Notice of Eligibility - Non DSS Residential Owner (DOCX 27KB)
RES-507c - Notice of Eligibility - Residential Owner with Carve Out Language (DOCX 25KB)
RES-508 - Notice of Eligibility - Residential Tenant (DOCX 25KB)
RES-508a - Non DSS Tenant Eligibility Notice (DOCX 24KB)
RES-509 - Notice of Eligibility - Landlord (DOCX 25KB)
RES-510 - Notice of Eligibility - Personal Property (DOCX 22KB)
RES-511 - Own Mobile Home, Rent Site (DOCX 36KB)
RES-512 - Notice of Intent to Acquire (DOCX 16KB)
RES-513 - Mortgage Interest Differential Payment (MIDP) Computation (DOCX 19KB)
RES-514 - Incidental Purchase Expense Worksheet (DOCX 21KB)
RES-515 - Documentation of Living Expenses (DOCX 16KB)
RES-516 - Price Differential Entitlement Instructions (DOCX 20KB)
RES-516a - Down Payment Assistance Entitlement Instructions (DOCX 19KB)
RES-517 - Vacate Inspection (DOCX 20KB)
RES-518 - Agreement for Provisional Replacement Housing Payment (DOCX 18KB)
RES-519 - Fixed Payment (In-Lieu) Worksheet Non-Residential (DOCX 21KB)
RES-520 - Request for Moving Bid cover letter (DOCX 15KB)
RES-521 - Move Bid Request and Specification (DOCX 27KB)
RES-522 - Replacement Site Search Log (DOCX 19KB)
RES-525 - (DSS) Replacement Dwelling Inspection Report (DOCX 23KB)
RES-526 - Loss of Tangibles/Substitute Personal Property Bid Form (DOCX 15KB)
RES-527 - Loss of Tangibles Computation (DOCX 19KB)
RES-528 - Substitute Personal Property Computation (DOCX 19KB)
RES-529 - Residential Checklist (DOCX 20KB)
RES-530 - Non-Residential Checklist (DOCX 21KB)
RES-531 - Personal Property Checklist (DOCX 18KB)
RES-532 - Residential Occupancy Survey (DOCX 28KB)
RES-533 - Non-Residential Occupancy Survey (DOCX 33KB)
RES-533a - Landlord Occupancy Survey (DOCX 26KB)
RES-534 - Personal Property Only Occupancy Survey (DOCX 21KB)
RES-535 - Pre Move Inventory - Non-Residential (DOCX 26B)
RES-536 - Final Claim Letter - Non-Residential (DOCX 15KB)
RES-536a - Final Claim Letter - Residential (DOCX 16KB)
RES-537 - Relocation Assistance Voucher (DOCX 26KB)
RES-538 - Application for Fixed Payment (DOCX 20KB)
RES-539 - Monthly Income Verification (DOCX 20KB)
RES-540 - Move Expense Agreement – Residential (DOCX 20KB)
RES-540a - Move Expense Agreement – Non-Residential (DOCX 20KB)
RES-541 - Housing Comparison Worksheet (DOCX 26KB)
RES-542 - Price Differential Report (DOCX 21KB)
RES-542a - Price Differential Report Instructions (DOCX 26KB)
RES-543 - Rent Supplement Report (DOCX 23KB)
RES-543a - Rent Supplement Report Instructions (DOCX 23KB)
RES-544 - Notice of Relocation Non-Eligibility (DOCX 17KB)
RES-545 - Non-Residential Obsolete Printed Items (DOCX 18KB)
RES-547 - Lawfully Present in the United States Certification (DOCX 18KB)
RES-548 - Transfer of Ownership - Non-Residential (DOCX 18KB)
RES-549 - Claim Determination Letter (DOCX 23KB)
RES-550 - Notification of Professional Home Inspection (DOCX 23KB)

Translated relocation brochures & forms


RES-502 - General Notice of Relocation Rights for Landlords (DOCX 29KB) (PDF 36KB)

RES-504 - General Notice of Relocation Rights (Residential) / Notificación general de derechos de reubicación (DOCX 29KB) (PDF 36KB)

RES-511a - Notice of Relocation Eligibility & 90-Day Assurance Combo Letter (Mobile Homes - Own Mobile Home, Rent Site)/ Carta conjunta de Aviso de elegibilidad para reubicación y Garantía de 90 días– (Casa móvil propia y sitio de alquiler) (DOCX 30KB) (PDF 20KB)

RES-540 - Moving Expense Agreement - Residential / Acuerdo de gastos por mudanza Residencial (DOCX 30KB) (PDF 20KB)

RES-540a - Moving Expense Agreement - Non Residential / Acuerdo de gastos por mudanza non Residencial (DOCX 30KB) (PDF 20KB)

RES-547 - Lawfully Present / Certificación de residencia legal en los Estados Unidos (DOCX 57KB) (PDF 99KB)

WSDOT Relocation Residential Brochure - Spanish (PDF 198KB)


RES-502 - General Notice for Landlord (DOCX 33KB)

RES-504 - General Notice of Relocation Rights (Residential) / Thông Báo Chung – Tư Gia (DOCX 28KB) (PDF 89KB)

RES-507 - Notice of Eligibility - Residential Owner (DOCX 34KB)

RES-508 - Notice of Eligibility - Residential Tenant (DOCX 35KB)

RES-509 - Notice of Eligibility - Landlord (DOCX 35KB)

RES-516a - Down Payment Assistance Entitlement Instructions (DOCX 28KB)

RES-517 - Vacate Inspection (DOCX 29KB)

RES-525 - (DSS) Replacement Dwelling Inspection Report (DOCX 33KB)

RES-540 - Moving Expense Agreement - Residential / Thỏa Thuận Chi Phí Dọn Đi Tư Gia (DOCX 27KB) (PDF 120KB)

RES-547 - Lawfully Present / Giấy Chứng Nhận Cư Trú Hợp Pháp tại Hoa Kỳ (DOCX 26KB) (PDF 89KB)

WSDOT Relocation Non-Residential Brochure - Vietnamese (PDF 865MB)


Residential Relocation (DOCX 48KB) (PDF 83KB)

RES-504 - General Notice - Residential (DOCX 48KB) (PDF 83KB)

RES-517 - Vacate Inspection (DOCX 40KB) (PDF 65KB)

RES-525 - (DSS) Replacement Dwelling Inspection Report (DOCX 73KB) (PDF 244KB)

RES-540 - Moving Expense Agreement - Residential (DOCX 54KB) (PDF 69KB)

RES-547 - Lawfully Present (DOCX 43KB) (PDF 514KB)

Personal Property Only (PPO) Brochure - Spanish (PDF 43KB)


The Appraisal Program administers all appraisal and appraisal review activities associated with the purchase of properties needed by WSDOT. We also appraise property declared surplus to the needs of the department.

Appraisal Forms List (DOCX 26KB) - October 2014
RES 203 - Staff Appraiser Assignment Form (DOCX 21KB)
RES 204 - Report of Contact with Owner (DOCX 24KB)
RES 205 - Certificate of Appraiser (DOCX 29KB)
RES 206 - Summary of Conclusions (DOCX 29KB)
RES 207 - Subject Sketch and Photographs (DOCX 29KB)
RES 208 - Narrative Report Template (DOCX 220KB)
RES 210 - Market Data (DOCX 38KB)
RES 210B - Sale Sketch and Photographs (DOCX 24KB)
RES 211 - Appraisal Assumptions and Limiting Conditions (DOCX 27KB)
RES 212 - Salient Information (DOCX 26KB)
RES 213 - Abbreviated Appraisal Report Format (DOCX 34KB)
RES 214 - WSDOT Review DV Document (DOCX 60KB)
RES 214A - Fee Review DV Document for WSDOT (DOCX 43KB)
RES 214B - Local Agency Certificate of Value (DOCX 37KB)
RES 215 - PFE Parcel Worksheet (DOCX 29KB)
RES 216 - Administrative Offer Summary (DOCX 52KB)
RES 217 - Residential Realty Personalty Report (XLS 15KB)
RES 218 - Commercial or Industrial Realty/Personalty Report (XLS 16KB)
RES 219 - WSDOT Surplus Appraisal (DOCX 90KB)
RES 220 - Mobile Home Worksheet - Personal Property (DOCX 36KB)
220-015 - Environmental Checklist for Surplus Property Disposal (PDF 41KB)


The Title and Condemnation Section reviews acquisition files of property and/or property rights for public purposes according to federal laws, state laws, and Land Title Law. When settlement cannot be reached through negotiations, we provide information and data enabling the Attorney General's Office to proceed with eminent domain proceedings. We are responsible for the maintenance of the official records of all department owned real property interests. Our section provides advice and solutions to the Regions and Local Agencies on complicated real property title questions and assessment of risks involved.

Property Management

8,683 animals crossed the Snoqualmie Pass East Project area

as recorded by WSDOT and partners in 2020 and 2021.

46% increase in Amtrak Cascades ridership to 251,000 passengers

in 2021 compared to 172,000 in 2020.

Nine wetland and stream mitigation sites across 32.7 acres added

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