Community Planning Portal 2.0

Find state transportation data for local and regional planners, decision-makers and the public to better understand the state's transportation system.

The Community Planning Portal 2.0 conversion update took effect September 9, 2022.

Using the Community Planning Portal

Open the WSDOT Community Planning Portal 2.0 and refer to the original WSDOT Community Planning Portal - Quick Start Guide (PDF 78.8KB) for help. The 2.0 Quick Start Guide is in production and will be available here.

Planners can add data from other local, state, and federal agencies to create custom maps by uploading their own data to ArcGIS Online.

The Portal's data about the state transportation system can help local governments complete the transportation element inventory required by the Growth Management Act. For a written summary of state transportation data for a particular city, county, or tribe, activate the planning fact sheet layer and click on the desired jurisdiction.


Additional help and information

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