Endangered Species Act & Essential Fish Habitat

If your project has a federal nexus (federal funding, federal permit, or occurs on federal land), use this information to determine if your work has the potential to affect protected species and comply with the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery & Conservation Act.

Identify listed species & designated critical habitat

Review the information below to determine which listed or proposed threatened and endangered species and designated or proposed critical habitat may be present in your project's vicinity.

Species under USFWS jurisdiction

Species under NMFS jurisdiction

Slow down on ice and snow.

It's easier to skid or lose control traveling at higher speeds. Give yourself more time to stop.

Carry chains, practice installing them.

Winter conditions could mean chains are required on your route. Practice putting them on your vehicle ahead of time.

Pack your winter car kit.

Carry extra supplies like warm clothing, ice scraper and brush, jumper cables and other emergency items.