Traffic: Illumination, Traffic Signals and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Requirements and standards for highway lighting systems, traffic signal systems, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), including related electrical equipment and roadside power distribution systems.

Design Manual (M22-01)Chapter 1040 - Illumination (PDF 1.36MB)

Design Manual (M22-01), Chapter 1050 - Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) (PDF 1.2MB) 

Design Manual (M22-01), Chapter 1330 - Traffic Control Signals (PDF 1.5MB)

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, Part 4 - Highway Traffic Signals


Roadside Electrical and Electronic Systems (REES) Standards

The WSDOT Roadside Electrical and Electronic Systems (REES) Standards are a series of standards for roadside electrical systems such as roadside power distribution, illumination, traffic signals, and ITS equipment specific to WSDOT owned, operated and maintained systems.  As each standard is completed it will be provided here.

WSDOT Power System Design (Draft) (PDF 244 KB); provides guidance on power distribution from electrical service cabinets to lighting, traffic signal, ITS, and related devices.

WSDOT REES Standard P2 - Advance Warning Systems (PDF 2.87 MB); provides guidance on prepare to stop when flashing (PTSWF) systems, intersection conflict warning systems (ICWS), and rail crossing warning systems (RCWS).

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