Utilities Manual

Publication Number
M 22-87
Publication Version
M 22-87.10
Manual Manager
Greg Gachowsky
Design Office, Development Division
Guidelines for addressing Utilities

The Utilities Manual provides guidance in accommodating utilities within state right of way in a manner that does not interfere with the free and safe flow of traffic or impair the highway's visual quality. Information is provided about the preparation of utility agreements and utility service agreements.

February 2019 M 22-87.10 revision package (PDF 3.57MB)

Individual Chapters

Foreword (PDF 176KB)
Contents (PDF 141KB)

Chapter 1 Utility Accommodation (PDF 1.6MB)
Chapter 2 Utility Agreements (PDF 453KB)
Chapter 3 Railroads (PDF 305KB)
Chapter 4 Service Agreements (PDF 432KB)
Chapter 5 Government Agencies: State, Federal, Tribal, and Other Entities (PDF 395KB)
Chapter 6 Project Delivery and Utility Relocation (PDF 840KB)
Chapter 7 Inspection (PDF 372KB)
Chapter 8 Reimbursement (PDF 223KB)
Chapter 9 Control Zone Guidelines (PDF 939KB)

Appendix A Glossary (PDF 335KB)
Appendix B Utility Forms and Documents (PDF 6.2MB)
Appendix C Policy Guidelines (PDF 314KB)
Appendix D RCW and WAC References (PDF 304KB)
Appendix E Interim WSDOT Requirements for RSAP submittals (PDF 182KB)

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