Permit Desk Guide

Publication Number
M 3037
Publication Version
M 3037.23
Publication Date
Manual Manager
Justin Heryford
Commercial Vehicle Services

The focus of Commercial Vehicle Services (CVS) and the permit process is to serve the motor carrier industry, safeguard the motoring public, and protect the highway infrastructure by administering the state’s size and weight laws and regulations.

This Permit Desk Guide is designed to be a resource guide for the sale of oversize/overweight permits. The following pages incorporate Washington State Law, Administrative Code, department policy, and procedure. These ingredients are dynamic and constantly changing to meet the demands and restrictions of our state highway infrastructure. As a result, this desk guide will be updated as needed to keep you current with the changing elements of the permitting process.

As a permit provider, you are the most important component in the permitting process. Your ability to assimilate and correctly interpret information provided by an applicant and communicate the necessary information back to the applicant is the thread that holds the permitting process together. The intent of this guide is to be a resource to you as you perform this service. If this desk guide fails in any area to provide you with the resources you need, please contact the Commercial Vehicle Services Office with your concern. Whether it is a recommended modification to existing text or addressing a topic not currently covered, your input is vital to the success of this desk guide.

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