Amtrak Cascades Service Development Plan

Find details on our Amtrak Cascades Service Development Plan, which will provide paths to improve the Amtrak Cascades service over the next 20 years.


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Developing a new plan

Much has changed on the Amtrak Cascades corridor since the last long-range plan was created in 2006. A refreshed plan that accounts for growth, operational, and social changes is needed to guide future improvements. The first phase of an Amtrak Cascades Service Development Plan (SDP) is underway now to create a blueprint for improving Amtrak Cascades service for the next two decades.

The Amtrak Cascades SDP will provide a summary of possible alternatives to improve the Amtrak Cascades service over the next 20 years. It offers a blueprint for future capital improvements and service changes and is at the core of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) requirements for improving and expanding passenger rail service on the corridor. Preparing a SDP will improve our ability to compete for federal funds for future infrastructure and service improvements.

Preliminary SDP planning

In partnership with FRA and BNSF, we are starting the SDP process with a Preliminary SDP document that is focused on the portion of the current Amtrak Cascades route through western Washington between Portland, OR and Vancouver, BC. This service is not currently at full service levels because of the pandemic. The intent is to return to the post-pandemic levels in 2023.


Current Daily Round Trips 

Post-pandemic Restored Daily Round Trips 

Seattle and Portland 

Seattle and Vancouver, B.C. 

Portland and Eugene 

Preliminary SDP includes these tasks

  • Intercity passenger travel demand research to identify travel trends likely to affect ridership and develop future scenarios that reflect these trends.
  • Preliminary Purpose and Need development to explain the goals of the project and the needs it is intended to address.
  • Service option development to define options for changing Amtrak Cascades to address future travel trends and analyze how the current route would need to be modified to accommodate them.
  • Alternative development to forecast ridership for the service options under the different scenarios we developed, then use a screening process to determine which ones should be the focus of further SDP analysis.

The two primary end products of the Preliminary SDP will be:

  • A Preliminary Purpose and Need statement to guide decision-making as planning work continues.
  • A range of alternatives that will be the focus of further SDP analysis.

Comment on the Preliminary Purpose and Need statement

Comments are being sought on the Preliminary Purpose and Need statement between now and February 24, 2023. This statement will be used to guide the development, analysis and selection of strategies to improve intercity passenger rail service.

If you don't have time to review the entire plan, then please tell us if there other travel needs and priorities beyond those listed below that the project team should include. 

Send an email with your comments and suggestions to:

The purpose and need of the Service Development Plan is to improve Amtrak Cascades service in a way that: 

  1. Provides more travel options between cities as populations and employment opportunities continue to increase.

  1. Strengthens connections between all different types of transportation, including commuter trains and local transit services.

  1. Supports Washington state’s greenhouse gas reduction goals.

  1. Makes transportation available to everyone equitably.

  1. Supports the economic vitality of station communities.

  1. Protects and maintains the ability of the rail corridor to meet the needs of passengers and freight shippers.

  1. Avoids or minimizes community and environmental impacts.

  1. Is a smart investment of tax dollars.

Information in other languages


Work on the Preliminary SDP started in February 2022. Completion is anticipated by December 2023. A more detailed schedule will be provided as the project progresses.

Service partners

Several partners are directly involved in developing, funding, or operating Amtrak Cascades. They will be closely involved in developing this Preliminary SDP, contributing their expertise to the work.

  • Federal Railroad Administration.
  • Oregon Department of Transportation.
  • BNSF Railway.
  • Amtrak.
  • Sound Transit.

Get involved

As development of the Preliminary SDP proceeds, we will seek input and feedback from:

  • Current and future riders of Amtrak Cascades.
  • Communities along the corridor, particularly those in marginalized communities.
  • Elected officials.
  • Federal, state, regional and local agencies.
  • Advocacy and special interest groups.
  • Tribes.

We will be providing updates as we complete the tasks involved in completing the Preliminary SDP. To be notified of these updates by email, sign up for our Amtrak Cascades Future Planning mailing list.

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