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SR 302 Roundabout Pre-design Study

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The SR 302 Roundabout Pre-design Study is underway and is expected to be completed in January 2022.

May - January 2022
In progress
Estimated cost $2 - 3 million


Routine reviews of rural intersections on the state highway system are completed by WSDOT to find ways to decrease the likelihood of crashes. A safety plan is developed to reduce crash potential, operating speed and conflict points. This project will construct a single-lane roundabout on SR 302 at 118th Avenue Northwest intersection near Minter Creek.

This roundabout fits within the existing intersection pavement footprint. Construction is scheduled for summer of 2024. The pre-design study will examine the replacement of stop signs with a single-lane roundabout.

The single-lane roundabout features two sections to accommodate the off-set side streets on 118th Avenue Northwest. Both roundabout sections feature center islands with raised and drivable surfaces, which larger vehicles can drive over as needed. This allows the roundabout to accommodate vehicles of all sizes.

The speed limit on SR 302 is 45 mph with a reduction to 40 mph at the 118th Avenue Northwest intersection. Pedestrian volumes are currently low along SR 302. The closest transit stop is 4.6 miles away at the Purdy Park and Ride lot. State Route 302 features paved shoulders for bicyclists. The design phase will take a closer look at these factors.

A study of the intersection of SR 302 and 118th Avenue examined the replacement stop signs with a single-lane roundabout.