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SR 302 Roundabout Pre-Design Study

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Thank you for participating in the SR 302 Roundabout Pre-Design Study. The project will now move forward into design.

In April 2023, WSDOT conducted a virtual stakeholder meeting and online open house featuring a roundabout concept that also realigned the offset 118th Avenue NW intersection with SR 302. Community feedback received during the online open house identified proposed development plans on the southeast corner of the intersection. The proposed development plans impacts the ability to realign 118th Avenue NW. WSDOT is moving forward with a new roundabout concept that does not realign the roadway. The SR 302 Roundabout Pre-design Study was completed in July 2023.

January - July 2023
Estimated cost $2 - 3 million


Information about the study, the recommended roundabout and feedback WSDOT received during the online open house is now available for viewing.

WSDOT looks at rural stop-controlled intersections on our state highways to identify ways to reduce potential crashes. For some intersections, WSDOT develops a safety plan that outlines ways to manage travel speeds and reduce conflict points. Locations with high angle type crashes, more crashes than average, have enough existing pavement for a single-lane roundabout, and have a daily traffic count of twenty-five thousand or less are identified. The outcome of this work is a project to construct a single-lane roundabout at the intersection of SR 302 and 118th Avenue Northwest near Minter Creek.

Construction is scheduled for summer of 2024. The center island, splitter islands and shoulder curbing will feature raised drivable surfaces. This feature allows the roundabout to accommodate vehicles of all sizes.

Roundabouts help reduce the potential for serious crashes by lowering intersection speeds. Roundabouts make intersections more efficient as they accommodate continuous traffic flow. Roundabouts also can reduce delays for drivers turning left at intersections.

A study of the intersection of SR 302 and 118th Avenue examined the replacement of stop signs with a single-lane roundabout.