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US 2 Grotto Vicinity Slope Stabilization - Complete December 2023

Project overview

In fall 2023, we built two debris flow fences on the north side of US 2 near milepost 44, or approximately four miles northwest of Skykomish. These fences will help mitigate risk to two culvert inlets, reducing the chances a potential debris flow from the Bolt Creek burn scar could clog them and send water, rocks and debris across the highway. We built a 6-foot-tall, 94-foot-long earthen berm a few hundred feet up the highway to redirect a potential debris flow away from US 2 in that area. Guardrail in the area was updated.

October 2023 - December 2023
Project status
$1.2 million

What to expect

Major construction on this project has completed. 

Our crews built a 6-foot-tall, 94-foot-long berm to help mitigate risk from a potential debris flow following the 2022 Bolt Creek Fire.