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US 101 - Leland Creek and Unnamed Tribs - Remove Fish Barriers

Project overview

This project removes and replaces several outdated barriers to fish migration under US 101 near Leland Valley Road NE in Jefferson County. The north and south tributaries at mileposts 290.3 and 291.8 will be replaced with larger box culverts, and the site crossing Leland Creek will be replaced with concrete girder bridge beginning in fall of 2022.

Summer 2022 - Fall 2024
Project status
Not started
Budgeted for $12.8M (final costs will be published after successful contract award)
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What to expect

During replacement of the box culverts under US 101 at the North and South Tributaries near Leland Valley Road, all traffic will detour around the construction site via Center Drive. Crews will replace one culvert at a time over a three-week period. Travelers should plan ahead and expect delays.

Further south at milepost 292.5, crews will construct a new bridge over Leland Creek for improved fish migration. During construction at this site, traffic will be temporarily shifted to a bypass road around the work zone controlled by a traffic signal to keep people moving.  The speed limit will also temporarily be reduced  for traveler and crew safety.

Freight haulers will need to detour during construction via US 101, SR 3 and SR 104 as the Little Quilcene River Bridge has load weight restrictions in place.

Tractor trailers with 3 axles or less over 23 tons will need to follow the detour route. Commercial freight haulers with up to 7 axles over 36 tons will also need to follow the detour route. 

US 101 at Leland Creek is 33% passable to Chinook, steelhead, bull trout and coho salmon.