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I-5 - NB Marine View Drive to SR 529 - Corridor and Interchange Improvements

Project overview

To address congestion at the I-5/SR 528 interchange and on I-5 between Everett and Marysville, WSDOT will build a new roundabout at the I-5/SR 529 interchange, add new ramps from I-5 northbound to SR 529 and SR 529 to southbound I-5, and extend the I-5 northbound HOV lane from near US 2 to SR 529.

2022 - 2025
Project status
$123.1 Million

What to expect

The lanes of I-5 have been shifted between Marysville and Everett for construction, which will continue through spring 2025. People traveling between Everett and Marysville northbound and southbound on I-5 or SR 529 should plan for lane reductions between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m. The northbound HOV lane will open in conjunction with the northbound I-5 off-ramp to SR 529 when it is complete in spring 2025.

The project will add a roundabout at the I-5/SR 529 interchange, a northbound off-ramp from I-5 to SR 529 and an on-ramp from SR 529 to southbound I-5, and a northbound HOV lane between Marine View Drive in Everett and SR 529 in Marysville.