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I-5/I-205 - Ramp Meter Installation

Project overview

Starting in Summer 2023, WSDOT contractor crews will install new ramp meters at several on-ramps along northbound Interstate 5 and southbound Interstate 205 in Clark County.

Ramp meters, a type of traffic signal, are employed to regulate the rate at which vehicles enter the freeway, serving as an effective strategy to enhance freeway operations. These meters aim to minimize collisions and decrease travel times. By controlling the flow of vehicles entering the freeway, ramp meters effectively alleviate congestion by limiting the number of cars occupying the same space simultaneously. This approach also mitigates merging challenges that arise when numerous vehicles attempt to merge into a nearly full lane.

July - April 2024
Project status
$3.7 Million

What to expect

Travelers can expect nighttime work with shoulder closures and some single lane and ramp closures at the following locations:

  • Northbound I-5 on-ramp from Fourth Plain Boulevard
  • Southbound I-205 on-ramp from Northeast 134th Street
  • Southbound I-205 on-ramp from Northeast Padden Parkway
  • Southbound I-205 on-ramp from Northeast Fourth Plain Boulevard & State Route 500
  • Southbound I-205 on-ramp from Northeast 18th Street
  • Southbound I-205 on-ramp from East Mill Plain Boulevard

Specific lane and ramp closure information will be available on our real-time traffic map.

Project locations for the new ramp meters being installed on the northbound I-5 Fourth Plain Boulevard on-ramp and several on-ramps along southbound I-205.