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Bainbridge Ferry Terminal Overhead Loading Fixed Walkway Replacement

The new overhead pedestrian walkway is open.

Project overview

The ferry route between Seattle and Bainbridge Island is the busiest in the system for walk-on passengers. This project replaces the existing overhead wooden walkway with a wider, safer concrete and steel structure built to current seismic code.

2018 - Early 2024
Project status
$33 million

What to expect

New walkway opened on Monday, Feb. 5

Seattle-bound passengers on the 8:45 a.m. sailing on Feb. 5 were the first to use the gleaming new walkway to board the ferry. It's a wider and more direct route to the ferry. Windows along both sides provide unbeatable views, and sections along them will open in summer months to cool the space. The windows also feature markings to help prevent bird strikes. 

There's still work to do inside the walkway as crews finish the windows before adding benches and heaters. They've also turned their attention to removing the old walkway by the end of February. This involves removing both timber and steel pilings plus a concrete column from the water. Expect to see a lot of activity in the area over the next few weeks as we work to wrap up this project that gives our passengers a modern, seismically safe and more comfortable walkway to the ferry. 

Thank you for your patience throughout construction. It was just five short months ago when we received the four massive walkway bridge spans by water and installed them onto their concrete and steel pilings. This two-minute time-lapse video shows the six days of the work to set those spans.

View more photos of walkway construction and a time-lapse video of first span being set.  

The interior of the new ADA-compliant passenger walkway will include operable windows with views to the water, seating, and infrared heaters for comfort while awaiting the ferry.