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Bainbridge Ferry Terminal Overhead Loading Fixed Walkway Replacement

Project overview

The ferry route between Seattle and Bainbridge Island is the busiest in the system for walk-on passengers. This project replaces the existing overhead wooden walkway with a wider, safer concrete and steel facility built to current seismic code.

2018 - Early 2024
Project status
$33 million

What to expect

Construction begins in July 2022 and continues until early 2024. For the majority of the project, we will do this work while continuing to operate service on the Seattle/Bainbridge Island route.

During the off-peak season, the overhead walkway will be closed over three individual weekends, and walk-on customers will load via the car deck.

The trestle will be closed for a period of six days to install the new overhead walkway spans. During the closure, the Seattle/Bainbridge Island route will have limited one boat walk-on only passenger service. We will also add an additional vessel to the Edmonds/Kingston route to accommodate rerouted vehicle travel. We will staff available to assist those with disabilities.

The existing, over 50-year-old overhead loading walkway at the Bainbridge Terminal.