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Ferries - Seattle Multimodal Terminal at Colman Dock Project

Project overview

Washington State Ferries is replacing the aging and seismically vulnerable Colman Dock in Seattle in to maintain its critical role as a regional multimodal transportation hub.

Key project elements includes these new elements: concrete and steel trestle, main terminal building, entry building (with retail space), elevated walkway between the terminal building and the passenger-only ferry and replacing the overhead passenger walkway on the northernmost slip (slip #3). It also adds a bicycle entry and holding area north of Marion Street plus stairs and elevators to connect the facility to Alaskan Way. It also mitigates for additional overwater coverage.

Summer 2017-2023
Project status
$467 million
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What to expect

Crews are putting the finishing shine on the inside of the new terminal building at Colman Dock. Construction began in 2017, and one-third of building opened in 2019. The final portion of the terminal building will open this fall. We also removed an old bulkhead from the water north of Colman Dock, opening up 180 feet of shoreline along Alaskan Way.

Work continues on the entry building along Alaskan Way and the elevated pedestrian connector that links it to the terminal building. Both of these will open in 2023. Ferry operations will be maintained throughout construction, but customers can expect changes to how vehicles, passengers and bicycles load and unload.

The Marion Street vehicle and bicycle exit reopened in May 2022 after it was closed in October 2020 to build the new concrete trestle and for the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to repave Alaskan Way and build new sidewalks. Reopening this improves loading and offloading times for both our Bremerton and Bainbridge vessels. See the Maps & Drawings tab below for a map of the exit route. 

Artist rendering showing the final look of the new terminal. New elements include concrete and steel trestle, terminal building, entry building, elevated walkway to the passenger-only ferry, and new overhead passenger walkway on slip #3.