Project Management Guide - Tools and Forms

Processes may be further augmented by region/mode specific requirements, however, each region/mode is responsible for ensuring that additional requirements adhere to WSDOT standards.

Initial Schedule Development process (pdf 100 kb)
Schedule & Cost Management process (pdf 89 kb)
Construction Schedule Development process (pdf 56 kb)
Construction Schedule Review & Update process (pdf 56 kb)

Internal Scope of Work Agreements 
Development (pdf 77 kb)
Management (pdf 64 kb)
Change Management (pdf 66 kb)
Contract Change Management process (pdf 51 kb)

Cost Control, Estimates and Earned Value 
Cost Control and Earned Value process (pdf 69 kb)
Cost to Date Tracking process (pdf 57 kb)
Project Cost Estimate Creation, Update, Review and Approval process(pdf 85 kb)
Activity and Project Code Management Process (pdf 60 kb)
Electronic Content Management (ECM) Process (pdf 686 kb)

The following guidance documents are intended to augment the agency's project delivery policies and procedures and assist staff in implementing them in a manner that effectively and efficiently improves capital project delivery. The guidance documents are a resource to project delivery teams.

Enterprise Project Structure (EPS) /Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Guidelines (pdf 145 kb)
Control Account Guidelines (pdf 156 kb)
Schedule Template Guidelines (pdf 102 kb)
Progress Reporting Guidelines (pdf 103 kb)

Cost Control and Earned Value
Estimated Outstanding Cost Guidelines (pdf 164 kb)
Earned Value Guidelines (pdf 189 kb)

Desktop Procedures
Desktop procedures for Primavera Scheduler (pdf 1.44 mb) provide detailed step-by-step instructions or direction on project creation, TRAINS interface, baselines, control accounts, layouts, mandatory milestones, role and cost loading, schedule constraints, scheduling the project, User Defined Fields (UDF), and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) vs. Master Deliverables List (MDL). (pdf 180 kb)

Templates and Checklists 
Plans Quality Management Template (xlsm 1.1 mb)
Project Management Plan One Page Summary Example (xlsx 800 kb)
Change Management Log (xlsx 23 kb)
Communications Plan Template (docx 29 kb)
Deliverables Expectations Matrix (pdf 966 kb)
Endorsement Template (docx 17 kb)
Internal Scope of Work Agreement (docx 39 kb)
Responsibility Assignment Matrix (doc x 22 kb)
Project Management Process Matrix (pdf 101 kb)

Project Management Plan (PMP) Examples
The following Project Management Plans (PMP's) were created by WSDOT staff to provide examples to assist in developing project specific plans. 

Project Management Executive Orders & Instructional Letters
WSDOT Executive Orders provide policy direction regarding project management and related disciplines.

Secretary's Executive Order 1032.01, Project Management (pdf 30 kb) - Directs the use of the WSDOT project management process and clarifies the requirements for executives, project managers, project team members, and others in WSDOT who participate in project management.

Secretary's Executive Order 1042.00, Project Management and Reporting System (PMRS) (pdf 44 kb) - Describes the benefits, implementation and integration of the PMRS.

Secretary's Executive Order 1038.00, Enterprise Risk Management (pdf 36 kb) - Provides policy and direction about the department's Enterprise Risk Management Program.

Secretary's Executive Order 1053.00, Project Risk Management and Risk Based Estimating (pdf 64 kb) - Formalizes the identification, sharing and managing risks across organizations and functions.

Policy Statement 2047: Estimating Project Budget and Uncertainty (pdf 132 kb) - Provides policy and guidance on the use of risk assessments for estimating and for the establishment of risk reserves.