Commercial Vehicle - How do I get a permit?

Legal dimensions are 8’6” wide, 14’ tall, 53’ length (tractor/trailer) 40’ single unit, and 75’ overall with a truck and trailer. You are also allowed 3’ of front overhang and 15’ of rear overhang.

If you exceed any legal dimension, you need an oversize permit. If you have a load that is heavy, exceeding what is allowed per the legal weight table (pdf 56kb) then you need a permit for weight. 

Three ways to get a permit

  1. Self-Issue *
  2. Visit a WSDOT office
  3. Contact a Agent

* Permits that you cannot self-issue:

  • Superloads (dimensions exceeding 16 feet wide,16 feet high, 125 feet load length, or loads exceeding 200,000 pounds).
  • Nighttime travel requests that exceed at least one  of the following dimensions: 12 feet wide, 14 feet 6 inches high, or 105 feet overall length
  • 8-tire axle weight permits
  • Farm implement permits
  • Manufactured housing permits that exceed allowances on the Manufactured Home Map (pdf 7.4 mb)

If you need an overweight permit, you are required to have an Axle Spacing Report Number.

You can obtain an axle spacing report number by entering your vehicle combination information in the axle calculator . You will need the tire size of all two-tire axles and the distance between each axle (feet and inches). Once you have entered in the required information you can calculate and save to get your five-digit axle spacing report number. View our HELP menu if you need assistance.

What type of permit do you need?
There are various permit types, single trip oversize/overweight permits and even monthly/annual oversize permits. See permit types .

Check your route for restrictions and overhead clearances.

You are responsible for providing your route. This includes verifying your route for restrictions and overhead clearances. Check your over height clearances .

You can issue most types of permits yourself.
You can sign up to Self-Issue your permits. 

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