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US 101/SR 116 North Olympic Peninsula - Remove Fish Barriers

Contract summary

This project will remove existing barriers to fish migration at the following US 101 & SR 116 stream crossings and replace with fish-passable structures in compliance with the federal injunction regarding fish passage underneath WSDOT highways Tumwater Creek (US 101 MP 246.4), Ennis Creek (US 101 MP 250.0), Lees Creek (US 101 MP 250.5) and Chimacum Creek (SR 116 MP 0.22). The Project will include providing water crossing and structure designs, plans, and specifications for the project, design documentation, hydraulic design documentation, stream restoration in the immediate vicinity of the crossings, as required and mitigation solutions for sensitive area impacts. Acquiring environmental permits as an authorized agent of WSDOT and facilitating temporary and permanent utility adjustment and relocation. Other elements include, but are not limited to, constructing embankments, structural shoring, creek channel grading & large woody material structures, paving and pavement marking, traffic control, stormwater catchment & treatment, guardrail, sidewalks & ADA, signing, signals & illumination, erosion control, and planting.

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Clallam County
Jefferson County
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Estimated value
$85,000,000.00 - $105,000,000.00
Funding source
A state and federally funded contract. DBE goals are to be determined.
Joseph Burnell
Design PE