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2023 Olympic Region’s Progressive Design Build Program

Contract summary

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) solicits interest from consultants who wish to be evaluated and considered to provide Independent Cost Estimate (ICE) services for a heavy civil Progressive Design-Build (PDB) program consisting of approximately 50 fish barrier replacement locations and multiple PDB contracts. The PDB contracts include Phase 1 preliminary engineering services to be performed by the Design-Builder to define the work and reach agreement on a fair market price using production based open-book pricing for Phase 2 work through a negotiated construction Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and/or lump sum contract.

The purpose of this ICE Services agreement will be to independently estimate design and construction costs at various design milestones to validate the Design-Builder’s cost estimates and risk contingencies during the course of the agreement.

One (1) agreement may be awarded. The agreement will be approximately seven (7) years in duration. The agreement amount will be approximately $4,825,000.00 with the option for WSDOT to supplement it for additional time and money.

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