Crash data

Learn about crash-related data products and services such as how to request crash data and the crash data portal which displays summarized crash statistics.

Crash records contain data from the Police Traffic Collision Reports, i.e., date and time of collision, location, contributing circumstances, weather, etc. as well as data derived from the officer's narrative and diagram (collision type, object struck, junction relationship, etc.).

Check out our Crash data portal (app link) where you can access high-level summarized crash data or looking for basic summarized data like a summary by year.

If a custom set of crash data is needed there are different ways to request crash data depending on who you are.

You can view our crash data and reporting frequently asked questions (PDF 103KB) if you have questions.

Crash data request is pursuant to Public Information Release of Collision Data Policy Statement E 1118.00 (PDF277KB).


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