New ramp meter from 24th Street East to northbound SR 167 in Sumner going live Oct. 9

SUMNER – A proven tool for managing highway congestion is coming to a State Route 167 ramp in Sumner.

On Monday, Oct. 9, the Washington State Department of Transportation will turn on a new ramp meter at the 24th Street East on-ramp to northbound SR 167.

What to expect

The meter will activate when congestion builds on northbound SR 167 near Stewart Road. The congestion-relieving tool will help manage the flow of vehicles entering the highway.

Once active, WSDOT will closely monitor traffic and fine-tune the ramp meter operations as needed. The goal is to balance the needs of travelers merging onto the highway with the needs of those already there.

How ramp meters work

Ramp meters are traffic signals that operate according to real-time conditions on the highway and ramp. The traffic signals provide consistent gaps between vehicles and prevent multiple vehicles flooding the highway at once. The even pace makes it more predictable for travelers using SR 167 and makes merging smoother for all travelers by reducing the number of vehicles merging at the same time.

About the project

The new meter was added as part of a project to manage congestion on northbound SR 167. WSDOT also re-activated ramp meters at Jovita Boulevard/Stewart Road and Ellingson Road in August 2022 when the HOV lane first opened.

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Slow down on ice and snow.

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Carry chains, practice installing them.

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Pack your winter car kit.

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