Notification of special event on state highways

Planning a parade, filming, organized bicycle or pedestrian event, or other types of activity that may impact highway operations? Complete our event application. 

Event/activity info
A map of regions in Washington
Start and end date and location
Event details
Has this event/activity happened previously?
Will there be road closures?
Have you prepared a traffic control plan that complies with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) (lane or road closures)?
Signature authority info
Signature Authority Name

Be prepared to provide a copy of the registration and event or activity waiver.

Contact the nearest WSDOT Regional Traffic Office if you need help completing this form. The form can be submitted electronically, or, you can submit a paper copy to the nearest WSDOT Regional Traffic Office.

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registrations in Washington in 2023, up from 114,600 in 2022.

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actively monitored on 918 acres in 2023.

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in the Snoqualmie Pass East Project area since 2014.