SR 167 HOT Lanes Toll Rates

How much will I pay?

You’ll pay the rate you see upon entering the HOT lane, even if you see a higher toll rate further down the road.

View current toll rates on the SR 167 HOT lanes. 

How do toll rates work?

Electronic signs post the toll rate and automatically adjust depending on real-time traffic conditions to manage traffic and keep the HOT lanes moving.

As more vehicles enter or exit the lane, toll rates adjust so that traffic moves at least 45 mph in the HOT lane. Toll rates are based on speeds and traffic volumes along the entire length of the HOT lane.

The minimum toll rate is 50 cents and the maximum is $9.

Carpools and motorcycles are free

Carpools of two or more people, vanpools, buses and motorcycles can travel for free in the SR 167 HOT lanes.

What if there’s a collision?

If a collision or road work blocks all lanes except the HOT lane, we stop collecting tolls and allow all vehicles (with or without a Good To Go! pass) to use the lanes for free. The signs would note the lanes are “FREE.” Signs will note that the lane is “CLOSED” to all traffic if the HOT lane is blocked.

What if the toll rate signs say “HOV ONLY”?

If you already paid for a trip in the HOT lane when the signs switch to “HOV ONLY” you may stay in the HOT lane, but no new solo drivers may enter.

How are toll rates set?

The Washington State Transportation Commission sets toll rate maximums and minimums for the SR 167 HOT lanes.

Where does revenue go?

All net revenue remaining after the costs of running the SR 167 HOT lanes are paid for goes into a dedicated fund for future SR 167 improvements as approved by the state Legislature.