Real Estate Services

WSDOT Real Estate Services performs and coordinates all real estate transactions for the department, including auctions, and issues guidelines for all state agencies engaged in real estate activities covered by the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act.

Consultant Prequalification
WSDOT Headquarters Real Estate Services office administrates and maintains a list of qualified individuals for the purposes of contracting for personal services associated with right-of-way (ROW) services.

Effective January 1, 2020, individual consultants will be required to be on the Approved Consultant List for WSDOT ROW Services prior to performing real estate services work for WSDOT contracts. **  See here for more information regarding the Consultant Prequalification Process.

The Appraisal Program is responsible for administering all appraisal and appraisal review activities associated with the purchase of properties needed by the WSDOT. We also appraise property declared surplus to the needs of the department.

The Relocation Assistance Program is responsible for administering the Uniform Relocation Act and providing relocation assistance to persons displaced from residences, business, farms or non-profit organizations (NPO) by public works projects. Persons displaced from their homes are eligible to receive advisory services and certain monetary payments for moving and replacement housing costs. Displaced businesses, farms and NPO's are eligible for advisory services and monetary payments for moving costs and re-establishment costs.

These services and payments are explained in more detail in the following brochures: 

See the Relocation Forms page to download the necessary forms.

There are various relocation brochures and forms that have been translated into Spanish and Vietnamese.

The Title and Condemnation Section reviews acquisition files of property and/or property rights for public purposes according to federal laws, state laws, and Land Title Law. When settlement cannot be reached through negotiations, we provide information and data enabling the Attorney General's Office to proceed with eminent domain proceedings. We are responsible for the maintenance of the official records of all department owned real property interests. Our section provides advice and solutions to the Regions and Local Agencies on complicated real property title questions and assessment of risks involved.

Property Management