Tolling Visitors and Infrequent Drivers

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Open a temporary account
Add a visitor to an existing account
Pay By Mail
Out of State Drivers
Rental Vehicles 
Toll Facilities

How visitors can pay a toll

Set up a temporary Good To Go! account
Vistors can create a temporary Good To Go! account online at The account can be open for up to two weeks from the start date, and you don't need a pass, just a license plate and credit card on the account. If you need an account for longer than two weeks, contact customer service. 

Add a visitor to an existing Good To Go! account
You can temporarily add a guest to your existing Good To Go! account. They don't need a pass, just add their license plate to your account in the account settings. Vehicles without a pass will be charged the Good To Go! toll rate plus an extra 25 cents fee per trip.

Step-by-step instructions to add a license plate to your account.
Pay By Mail

With Pay By Mail you’ll travel now and pay later. When using the SR 520 Bridge, Tacoma Narrows Bridge, or I-405 Express Toll Lanes or SR 99 tunnel without Good To Go! account, we’ll send a bill in the mail to the registered owner of the vehicle for an extra $2 per trip.

To use the SR 167 HOT lanes, solo drivers must open an account and install a Good To Go! pass in their vehicle. Pay By Plate and Pay By Mail are not available.

Out of State Drivers

Drivers with out of state license plates can still set up a Good To Go! account or choose to pay by mail. If you don't have an account, we'll send the toll bill to the address on your vehicle registration.

If you're moving to Washington, learn how to get Washington license plates.

Rental Cars

If you’re in a rental car or using a rideshare app be sure to check your terms and conditions before using a toll road, because they each have different policies and sometimes have extra fees which we have no control over.

Toll Facilities

  • SR 520 Bridge – Tolls collected in both directions.
  • SR 16 Tacoma Narrows Bridge – Tolls collected only in eastbound direction.
  • SR 167 HOT Lanes – Only solo drivers pay a toll to use HOT lanes. Carpools and motorcycles travel toll free.
  • I-405 Express Toll Lanes – Carpools and motorcycles must have an active Good To Go! account and the correct pass to travel toll free. During peak hours, carpools must have 3+ passengers. Other vehicles can pay a toll to use the lanes.
  • SR 99 Tunnel Tolls collected in both directions