Good To Go! Business and Freight Guide

Do businesses need to set up a special kind of account?

A regular Good To Go! account will work for the needs of most businesses. However, if your business has a large fleet (more than 6 vehicles), then you may set up a commercial account which allows you to add an unlimited number of vehicles. 

Do businesses need a special Good To Go! pass?

Businesses use the same kinds of Good To Go! passes as other customers. Visit our Good To Go! pass page for more information on what kind of pass to choose.  

Are there any weight restrictions on any toll roads?
Vehicles over 10,000 pounds gross vehicle weight are not permitted on the I-405 express toll lanes or the SR 167 HOT lanes. These lanes have the same restrictions as other HOV lanes in Washington which are intended for high occupancy vehicles like carpools, vanpools, and buses. 

Check out our one pager on weight restrictions (pdf 143 kb)

Do freight vehicles or large trucks pay a special toll rate?

Vehicles with more than two axles will pay a higher pro-rated toll rate on the SR 520 bridge (pdf 136 kb), SR 99 tunnel, and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Other toll roads do not have a separate toll rate for multi-axle vehicles, but do note the weight restrictions on the SR 167 HOT lanes and I-405 express toll lanes listed above.