WSDOT Budget

Current Budget Information (2019-21 Biennium)

2020 Supplemental Budget Request (pdf 13.1 mb)

2019-21 Enacted Biennial Transportation Budget Documents (LEAP)

2019-21 Enacted Budget Card

2019-21 WSDOT Enacted Budget Book (pdf 4.8 mb)


2017-19 Biennial Budget Information

2018 Supplemental Budget

2017-19 WSDOT Enacted Legislative Budget Book (pdf 7.4 mb)
WSDOT budget book contents: Enacted Budget Summary, Fiscal Legislation (bill), and Legislative Budget Notes for the 2017 enacted supplemental and 2017-19 enacted biennial transportation budgets.

2017-19 Enacted Biennial Transportation Budget Documents (LEAP)

2017-19 Enacted Transportation Projects Map 


For previously enacted, proposed and supplemental budget information, please visit the Legislative Evaluation & Accountability Program Committee website.