Ferry terminal maintenance

Find the status of ferry terminal maintenance projects and learn about upcoming projects.

We contract out roughly $3 million in terminal maintenance construction each year. These contracts address short-term issues identified through facility inspections prior to larger replacement projects. We also conduct a large portion of maintenance work with in-house staff and by working with various WSDOT regions.

Proper terminal maintenance helps prevent ferry service disruptions. The contracted work covers the following (see diagrams for visuals of terminal structures and components):

Labeled diagram of typical ferry terminal structures



Labeled diagram of ferry terminal components



  • Landing aids (wingwalls and dolphins): Fenders, chains, rub faces and piling on elements against which vessels land.
  • Transfer span: Aprons, towers, bridge seats and electrical and mechanical systems associated with vehicle transfer span components.
  • Overhead loading: Fixed walkways, foundations, electrical and mechanical systems, elevator cabs and transfer associated with overhead loading structures.
  • Trestle: Piling, caps, stringers, cross bracing, decking and concrete associated with trestle components and bulkheads.
  • Painting: Painting of all steel, including piling, transfer spans, overhead loading and landing aids.
  • Facilities: Utilities, building systems, painting (other than steel) and septic systems.
  • Pavement: Grading, paving, asphalt sealing and overlays.
  • Vendor work: Preventative maintenance items (typically less than $10,000 each), including bird deterrent systems, cleaning, compactor and elevator work, fender purchases, fire systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, inspection permits, landscaping, equipment rentals, towing, signing and striping.

Status - Summer 2022

Recently completed construction

  • Edmonds upper lot paving
  • Edmonds trestle piling 2G 2H and 4G repairs
  • Fauntleroy turnstile upgrade
  • Southworth painting preservation (on sight April)

Ongoing construction activity

  • Fauntleroy left outer dolphin repairs (emergency)
  • Kingston Slip 1 and 2 vehicle bridge deck overlays
  • Kingston Slip 1 and 2 movable bridge control system replacement (no longer manufactured parts)
  • Southworth maintenance walkway around building
  • Vashon holding lane signage improvement
  • Vashon landing aid repairs and passenger only wheel roller assembly replacement

Upcoming projects

  • Clinton counterweight cable replacement (fall 2022)
  • Clinton trestle paving (spring 2023)
  • Kingston Slip 1 left inner dolphin pile resets (fall 2022)
  • Friday Harbor counterweight cable replacement and landing aid repairs (fall 2022)
  • Lopez landing aid repairs (fall 2022)
  • Mukilteo left wingwall reface adjustment (fall 2022)
  • Point Defiance paving patches on trestle
  • Point Defiance, Tahlequah and Vashon paving, trestle and wingwall pile repairs (fall 2023)
  • Seattle Pier 48 fencing
  • Tahlequah timber lighting pole replacement

We solicit bids for an on-call contract for offshore repairs that require a floating derrick barge every two years. Once awarded to a contractor, the work is completed on an as-needed basis. We also solicit bids for an on-call contract for painting work. Other contract work is designed and bid out to private contractors.

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