U.S. Bicycle Route System in Washington

The U.S. Bicycle Route System in Washington (pdf 1.8 mb) is a network of regionally-significant bike routes that connect communities throughout Washington State. These AASHTO recognized routes make both interstate and international connections.

Currently, Washington State has nearly 700 miles of U.S. Bike Routes already designated by AASHTO. WSDOT, Cascade Bicycle Club-Washington Bikes, local agencies, regional planning organizations, and community groups continue to identify additional routes. 

Currently designated U.S. Bicycle Routes in Washington State:

  • USBR 10 (pdf 2 mb) - Connecting northern Washington State along the SR 20 corridor from the Idaho border in Pend Oreille County to Anacortes totaling over 400 miles.
  • USBR 610 (pdf 273 kb) - Alternative route to USBR 10 through Sedro-Woolley.
  • USBR 87 (pdf 915 kb) - From Canadian border at Sumas south to Nooksack, Bellingham, and Sedro-Woolley connecting to the Centennial Trail in Snohomish County.
  • USBR 95 (pdf 900 kb) - From Canadian border at Blaine south to Bellingham, then southeast to Burlington and Mount Vernon connecting to the Centennial Trail in Snohomish County.
  • USBR 97 (pdf 939 kb) - From Canadian border at Blaine south to Bellingham, then southwest to Anacortes, Oak Harbor to the Keystone/Coupville Ferry Landing.
  • USBR 20 (pdf 346 kb) - From Clarkston/Idaho state border along US 12 over the Columbia Plateau to the Columbia County line near the Lewis & Clark Trail State Park.
  • USBR 40 (pdf 219 kb) - From town of Tekoa to Idaho border (short segment to establish route in WA State).
  • USBR 81 (pdf 361 kb) - From northern border of Whitman County near Tekoa to the town of Asotin, south of Clarkston 
  • USBR 281 (pdf 248 kb) - From the city of Pullman, heading southeast along State Route 27 and US 195 to the Washington/Idaho border
  • USBR 20, 81 & 281 Clarkston Detail (pdf 1.2 mb) - Detail for City of Clarkston area which includes overlapping segments of USBR 20, 81 and 281. 

U.S. Bicycle Route Planning and Designations

Identifying U.S. Bike Routes begins at the local level. Grassroots route planning and coordination are key to identifying safe and connected U.S. Bike Routes. It all starts with bringing together local stakeholders which may include bike groups, local agencies, economic development representatives, and interested citizens, among others.  WSDOT and Cascade Bicycle Club-Washington Bikes encourages local leadership in completing the entire U.S. Bike Route System in Washington State, but also offers technical assistance to help make it happen. Adventure Cycling Association provides additonal information about the U.S. Bike Route System. If you are interested in helping to complete Washington's U.S. Bike Route System, or if you have questions about U.S. Bike Routes in Washington, please contact: