Washington State highways closed to bicycles

Washington map of closed highways

Bicycle travel advisories

The following closure advisories provide specific milepost restrictions. Milepost information can be obtained from the WSDOT GeoPortal Map Application. Alternate routes are available where travel is restricted. In some cases alternate route options are indicated below, however WSDOT does not recommend specific routing.

Temporary access restrictions

Temporary bicycle travel restrictions are sometimes associated with projects around the state. Please refer to the WSDOT Projects webpage and Projects Interactive Map to determine if restrictions are in place. WSDOT contact staff, identified on project pages, can provide more information regarding possible access restrictions for a given project. Please note that the I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East project is associated with long-term travel restrictions. The 2019 travel restrictions for that project are detailed on the I-90 Corridor - North Bend to Vantage Bike Detour map (pdf 814 kb) and additional information can be found on the project website.

Permanent access restrictions

  • Restrictions are grouped by general area headings and include:
    • Restriction title and milepost information
    • Addtional restriction description information
    • Alternative route options, such as adjacent trails, are noted in some cases (Note: Travelers should research any route choices carefully. WSDOT does not make route recommendations)
  • Online restrictions map

Tri-Cities Area

  • US 395 Kennewick (Columbia River bridge crossing between Kennewick and Pasco), milepost 18.25-20.04
    • Restriction: SR 240 Interchange to Court Street (Pasco)
  • SR 240 Richland  (Riverview Natural Preserve crossing), milepost 36.42-36.7
    • Restriction: Yakima River Bridge to Richland Wye
    • Trail Option: Sacagawea paved trail runs parallel to restricted highway

Vancouver Area

  • I-5 Vancouver (Columbia River Interstate Bridge), milepost 0.00-1.18
    • Restriction: Bridge travel lanes
    • Sidewalk Option: Sidewalk is available on bridge
  • I-5 Vancouver, milepost 0.00-8.03 southbound and 0.00-7.68 northbound
    • Restriction: Between Columbia River bridge crossing and the Junction with I-205
  • I-205 Vancouver (Glen Jackson Bridge), milepost 26.26-27.12
    • Restriction: State Line to SR 14 (Exit 27)
    • Trail Option: I-205 multi-use, paved trail crosses bridge
  • [anticipated to go into effect fall, 2021] SR 14 Vancouver vicinity, westbound, milepost 8.20-6.31
    • Restriction: SE 164th to I-205

Greater Seattle Area 

  • SR 522 Bothell, milepost 10.57 to 12.30
      • Restriction: Woodinville Drive/South Campus Way to SR 522 Interchange at 131st Avenue NE/132nd Avenue NE
    • SR 18 Federal Way, milepost 2.41 BK to 2.71
      • Restriction: SR18 from junction with SR 161 to the West Valley Highway (SR 181)
    • I-5 Lakewood to Marysville, milepost 124.64 to 198.84
      • Restriction: Gravelly Lake interchange (Exit 124) to 4th Street Interchange (Exit 199)
    • SR 518 SeaTac to Tukwila, milepost 1.46 to 3.81
      • Restriction: 24th Avenue South Interchange to I-5
    • SR 99 Seattle, milepost 28.59-32.60
      • Restriction: South Spokane Street to the end of the Battery Street Tunnel
    • SR 520 Seattle to Bellevue, milepost 0.00 to 9.10
      • Restriction: I-5 (Exit 168) to NE 148th Street Interchange
      • Trail Option: SR 520 Trail runs parallel to the state route from Redmond to Seattle
    • SR 599 South Seattle, milepost 0.00-0.33
      • Restriction: I-5 (Exit 156) to South 133rd Street interchange
    • I-90 Seattle to Issaquah, milepost 1.94-5.66 and 8.58-8.84 and 12.00-18.36
      • Restrictions:
        • Beginning of I-90 to west side of Mercer Island (Exit 6A)
        • East side of Mercer Island to Exit 9 (spans the bridge between Mercer Island and Bellevue)
        • 150th Street Interchange (Exit 11B) to Sunset Way Interchange (Exit 18 eastbound)
      • Trail Option: Issaquah Creek Trail runs parallel to I-90 across both I-90 bridges, and along additional portions of this route
    • SR 167 southbound through Ellingson Road Interchange, milepost 12.57-12.01
      • Restriction: Southbound travel through Ellingson Road Interchange
    • I-405 Tukwila to Lynnwood, milepost 0.00-10.22 (entire route)
      • Restriction: Entire I-405 route

    Tacoma Area

    • I-5 Lakewood to Marysville, milepost 124.64 to 198.84
      • Restriction: Gravelly Lake Interchange (Exit 124) to 4th Street Interchange (Exit 199)
    • SR 7 Tacoma, milepost 57.03-58.6
      • Restriction: 38th Street to Interstate 5
    • SR 16 Tacoma, milepost 0.00-0.67
      • Restriction: I-5 / SR16 Interchange (Exit 132) to Sprague Avenue
    • SR 16 Tacoma, milepost 0.00-1.41, eastbound only
      • Restriction:  I-5 / SR16 Interchange (Exit 132) to South Union Avenue Interchange
    • SR 16 Tacoma, milepost 7.28-8.41
      • Restriction: Westbound travel over Tacoma Narrows Bridge
      • Trail Option: Trail adjacent to 2007 Narrows Bridge (eastbound traffic bridge)
    • I-705 Tacoma, milepost 0.00-1.5 (entire route)
      • Restriction: Entire I-705 route is restricted, including SR 7 extension
    • SR 167 Puyallup to Pacific, northbound, milepost 6.99-14.49
      • Restriction: Just north of SR 410 exit to SR 18 Interchange

    Mount Vernon

    • I-5 Mount Vernon, milepost 227.47-229.05
      • Restriction: College Way Interchange (Exit 227) to George Hopper Road Interchange (Exit 229)

    Everett / Marysville Area

    • I-5 Marysville to Lakewood, milepost 198.84 to 124.64
      • Restriction: 4th Street Interchange (Exit 199) to Gravelly Lake Interchange (Exit 124)
    • US 2 eastbound from Everett, milepost 0.7 to 2.4
      • Restriction: US 2 eastbound across Ebey's Island to Cavalero Corner
      • Trail Option: US 2 Trail, adjacent to eastbound US 2, connects to local roads that permit eastbound travel

    Spokane Area

    • US 2 Spokane, milepost 288.97 to 292.86
      • Restriction: E North Foothills Drive to North Division Wye (where US 2 and US 395 meet)
    • US 2 Spokane, milepost 281.79 to 283.22
      • Restriction: Airport Drive Interchange to I-90 (Exit 277)
    • I-90 Spokane, milepost 276.15-286.27
      • Restriction: Geiger Field Interchange (Exit 276) to Broadway Interchange (Exit 286)
    • US 195 Spokane, milepost 94.30-95.99
      • Restriction: Inland Empire Highway to I-90 (Exit 279)
        • Note: Island Empire Highway becomes US 195 in line with the southern terminus of South Inland Empire Way

    Olympia Area

    • I-5 Olympia, milepost 102.79-109.19
      • Trosper Road Interchange (Exit 102) to Martin Way Interchange (Exit 109)
    • US 101 Olympia, milepost 365.42-367.41
      • Black Lake Interchange to I-5 (Exit 104)


    • I-5 Bellingham, milepost 252-257.10
      • Samish Way Interchange (Exit 252) to Northwest Road Interchange (Exit 257)



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