Aviation license plate

The Aviation License Plate is available through the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) online, or by visiting your local vehicle licensing office

Frequently asked questions

How much will it cost to purchase a plate?

  • Initial cost: $40 for the actual plate plus annual tab fees and other specialty license plate production fees.
  • Renewals: $30 for the renewal of the plate plus annual tab fees and other specialty license plate production fees.

You can find out the total cost by contacting your local vehicle licensing office.

What does the money from this plate purchase support?

$28 from each plate purchase will support aviation-specific initiatives, including:

  • Airport infrastructure improvements to support statewide disaster response and recovery operations (examples: wildland fires, earthquake, landslide response).
  • Economic development opportunities to enhance public access to airports, such as informational kiosks.
  • Statewide aviation infrastructure-related awareness programs that promote public participation at airports.

I just renewed my tabs; can I still purchase the Washington Aviation Specialty License Plate?

  • Yes, typically, you should be able to transfer your registration to the new plate and be charged only for the special plate and processing costs ($72.75).
  • Please check with your local vehicle licensing office to make sure there aren’t any individual/local circumstances that would change this process.

Can I buy an aviation plate as a gift for someone else?

No, not unless you and the recipient are both registered owners of the vehicle.

Can I personalize my plate?

Yes, for an additional fee, you can use up to seven characters for a personalized plate. Visit DOL's website to learn more about personalized plates and to see which character combinations are available.

Does any money from the personalization fee support aviation?

No, the personalization fee goes toward the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife conservation programs.

Thank you for supporting aviation through the Washington Aviation License Plate.

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