Airport Information System

The Airport Information System is an online program that provides the public with information about Washington's air transportation system.

Each airport in the state is able to update their information online and print reports. We use the information to measure aviation system performance over time and communicate improvement needs to decision makers. Airport sponsors are encouraged to log in, review and update their existing data at any time during the year as information changes. However as a condition for grant eligibility, airports are required to acknowledge their review and update by December 31 of the preceding calendar year. We create a benchmark of the data for each year.

Airport Information System - Login


  • Information will be more accurate
  • Reliable information is available to support WSDOT’s programs
  • One-stop shopping means an improvement in the accuracy and timeliness of airport information
  • Information will be more accessible (WSDOT, FAA, local agencies and the public may view airport information on the website)

8,683 animals crossed the Snoqualmie Pass East Project area

as recorded by WSDOT and partners in 2020 and 2021.

46% increase in Amtrak Cascades ridership to 251,000 passengers

in 2021 compared to 172,000 in 2020.

Nine wetland and stream mitigation sites across 32.7 acres added

to our monitoring program in 2021 to help offset climate change impacts.