Pavement Edge Treatment - Final Report

Four projects were built over two construction seasons using special devices attached to the paving
machine that produces a 30º slope on the outside pavement edge instead of the near vertical drop-off
common with conventional paving equipment. This pavement edge treatment allows vehicles that leave
the roadway a gentler slope to navigate when remounting the pavement.

The projects used four types of devices; (1) the TransTech Shoulder Wedge MakerTM, (2) the
Advant-EdgeTM, (3) the Carlson Safety Edge End Gate, and (4) a contractor built device. All of the
devices were able to produce a finished pavement slope that was close to the 30º angle recommended by

The projects have been monitored for five years now.

The cost of adding the pavement edge treatment was minimal for both the Contractor and WSDOT.
The safety benefits of the pavement edge treatment could not be measured due to the absence of a
statistically significant number of crashes at the test locations.

Publication Date: 
Monday, January 29, 2018
Publication Number: 
WA-RD 798.2
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01/29/2018 - 10:41
Keith W.Anderson, Terry Berends, Mark Russell, Jeff S. Uhlmeyer, Jim Weston, Chad Simonson, Chris Damitio, Hien Trinh
Washington State Department of Transportation. State Materials Laboratory.
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Dropoffs (Pavements), Road construction, Pavement design, Geometric design, Road shoulders, Paving, Pavers, Clear zones, Highway safety, Evaluation and assessment.