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Want to ride the train? Visit www.AmtrakCascades.com to plan a trip, view schedules, and make a reservation. For fares and reservations, you can also call 1-800-USA-Rail


Amtrak Cascades Service

The Amtrak Cascades service operates over 4,000 trains annually, with daily stops in 18 Pacific Northwest cities. This service includes:

  • 4 daily round trips between Seattle and Portland
  • 2 daily round trips between Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia
  • 2 daily round trips between Portland and Eugene, Ore.

Amtrak Cascades route map, with stops from Vancouver, British Columbia to Eugene, Oregon

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Train equipment

Amtrak Cascades primarily uses Talgo European articulated trainsets and state-of-the-art Siemens Charger locomotives.

  • WSDOT owns all Charger locomotives
  • WSDOT owns two trainsets
  • ODOT owns two train sets
  • Amtrak owns two trainsets

A typical Amtrak Cascades trainset seats approximately 250 passengers and typically consists of 13 train cars, including one baggage car; two business class (first-class) coaches; seven standard coaches; one bistro (cafe) car; one lounge car; and one service car that provides onboard electricity for the train.

Passenger cars are outfitted with leather seats, ADA accessible cars and restrooms and onboard Wi-Fi. The bistro and lounge cars provide additional amenities.