Design-Build Manual

The purpose of this manual is to provide detailed guidance to WSDOT staff on policies, processes, and procedures specific to design-build and to support consistent and cost effective design-build project delivery. This manual has been prepared for Engineering Managers, Design Engineers, Construction Engineers, Evaluators, Project Engineers, and other Project Team members who are responsible for appropriately selecting, developing, and administering projects using design-build.

Design-Build Manual Individual Chapters

Foreword (PDF 54 KB) (January 2020) 
Contents (PDF 178 KB) (January 2020)
Chapter 1 (PDF 207 KB) Introduction and State of the Practice (January 2020)
Chapter 2 (PDF 568 KB) Pre-Procurement Activities (May 2021)
Chapter 3 (PDF 513 KB) Risk Management (January 2020)
Chapter 4 (PDF 805 KB) Structure and Content of the RFP (March 2021)
Chapter 5 (PDF 717 KB) General Procurement Activities (January 2020)
Chapter 6 (PDF 972 KB) Evaluation of Statements of Qualifications and Proposals (January 2020)
Chapter 7 (PDF 396 KB) Contract Administration and Implementation (January 2020)
Chapter 8 (PDF 269 KB) Project Acceptance and Closeout (January 2020)
Chapter 9 (PDF 42 KB) Vacant (May 2021)
Chapter 10 (PDF 229 KB) FHWA and Civil Rights (May 2021)

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Saturday, May 1, 2021
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M 3126
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